I miss the pandemic

A poem I wrote for TikTok

Elle Griffin
1 min readJun 14, 2022


I starting writing an article about how I miss the pandemic, but it came out as a poem.

Here it is spoken:

Here it is written:

I miss the pandemic
Life’s so full It’s systemic
Every moment with friends
Calendar’s full when will it end
I feel guilt, a pressure that I built
Answering every text and message
Without checking my own perspective
I want to live free, to travel and to see
The whole world at my feet, the path decided on by me
Just us and an open road
The ones I love and the unknown
But now everything’s a chore
Filled with the busy-ness of before
Didn’t we learn to treasure
Or have we returned to the pressure
Do I have to power to say no
To overcome FOMO
To be selfish and resist
To have adventures and persist
To create a life that I design
And to follow my own mind

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