Simplifying my life gave me the space to write my novel

The practice of asceticism

To the mystics, this way of life was called asceticism. Which means always leaving a space.

The art of simplification

I remember someone once describing feng shui to me like this: if you keep a lot of things beneath your bed, you can’t see them, but you might struggle to fall asleep because your mind feels cluttered. If there is nothing beneath your bed at all, you sleep well, because your mind feels clear.

The space to create

According to the Apocrypha, after the death of her son, the Virgin Mary lived the rest of her days with the disciple John in Turkey. Her days as a mother were over, and so she could concern herself with the development of other things. Calling to mind the ascetics, Mary, once seen as a vessel that contained God, becomes quite simply, a vessel. An empty space.

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