Why I decided to get off Instagram

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1. It wasn’t productive

As I mentioned, the main reason I stayed on Instagram for so long was that I’ve been working on a novel and I know I’ll want to promote it someday. In fact, I once went to a writers conference in which a publisher told us that they wouldn’t even look at publishing a book unless the author had at least 10,000 followers on one social media platform (and they would really prefer a newsletter list over a social media following).

2. It was hurting my writing

Not to mention, I don’t know very many writers that have large Instagram followings. As my husband finally told me, there’s a big difference between bloggers and writers. And I’m not a blogger. I’m not trying to make money from my Instagram account or my blog. I have a job as a professional writer. The only point in having any kind of following at all is so that people read my articles and eventually my books.

3. It was hurting my social life

Another one of the things I really didn’t love about Instagram was how it affected my real life relationships. I have a lot of really good friends, and Instagram stories allowed me to see what was going on in those friends’ lives on a daily basis. That caused two negative reactions in my life. The first was that I could see when friends were hanging out without me and that hurt my feelings. The second was that my friends could see when I wasn’t hanging out with them and that hurt their feelings.

4. It was a waste of my time

Not only did I not want to spend my time on Instagram, but I also didn’t want to spend my time on my phone at all. My dream life is all about spending my days writing and spending my evenings hanging out with my friends. If I happen to be in France while I’m doing those two things, even better. But having a phone just doesn’t help me achieve any of those three things.

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